Prices and such.

The website I did for Oslo Filmfestival 08 was given a nomination/diploma at this year’s Visuelt competition. The video i did for Jazzkammer was nominated for the main competition for this year’s norwegian short film festival, Minimalen.

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Hello. This is now.

Just finished: cd and vinyl cover for rockers The Reilly Express, cd cover for Bladed, silkscreen posters for Bladed. In the works: new website for Electrocompaniet, vinyl cover for Bladed, t-shirts, silkscreen posters for Lasse Marhaug.

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Homage to my friends in the business

Diogo for his high standards, Ken for being able to be both relevant and interesting, So for his design approach to so much more than just visuals, Jonni for making me believe designers can be photographers too, Vegard for the attention to detail and tactility, Keith for his Ma, Anna for daring not to be hip, Halvor for his touch of personality, Chris for daring to look abroad, Marius for being an artist, Erik for the love of typography, Teipu for his playfulness and Suzie for daring to be different.

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Exciting new projects in the works

A tribute to Patrik Fitzgerald – coverdesign for gatefold vinyl and silkprinted cd-cover with 24-page booklet, identity for hi-end producers Electrocompaniet, interactive applications for Øyafestivalen 09, logo for black metal heroes Thorns, cd-cover and logo for my good friend Trond’s new band All Trouble, and probably even more covers this spring. Stay tuned.

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Oiff website on Styleboost

I was very happy to see that the Oslo International Film Festival website I did is now listed on Styleboost.

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Works in “1000 music graphics”

I’m very happy to be published with several works (1349 cover, Seid cover, Jazkamer logo, Thorns website, Sonu website and Thorns website) in the book “1000 music graphics” in the company of many very talented designers.

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Back from OFFF

Had a great time in Lisbon during OFFF festival, great talks by Natzke, Joshua Davis, Karlssonwilker inc, Hi-res!, Group94 and Fallon (among others). Super seafood, nice people, beautiful women and great city. Other highlights included Aaron KoblinMinivegasAlex TrochutManuel Lima

OFFF/Lisboa at Flickr
12 pictures

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Works in book

Two works featured in the latest Web Design Index book: Kong Tiki Record and no magazine. Other Norwegian companies featured in the book includes Sigarett and Yokoland

Also, I was happy to see that my website for Oslo International Film Festival was nominated at the “Visuelt” contest this weekend.

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Some awards

Some awards at “Sterk Reklame” competition: art direction of “Films from the South” identity, co-designer on profile for “Kloss” (identity animations) and co-designer on flash website for “Canal Digital”.

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Two works in book

Two works featured in Web Design Index 9: Lorenzo Mariani and Thorns LTD

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Varsko! + David Carson

I’m a part of this year’s Varsko! design exhibition in Trondheim, Norway, and David Carson is coming to do a talk! Good stuff, looking forward to it.

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Feature in Idn magazine

Work featured in Idn magazine.

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2 works featured in latest Web Design Index

The Web Design Index by Content.02 features two sites by This Way Design – my portfolio and the website for Lasse Marhaug. The previous edition also featured work by me, the website of Jazzkammer. Fun.

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Huzza. Prizes.

Even though I usually keep with Bruce Mau’s wise words (“Don’t enter design-competions”), it was fun to see that two of my last year’s works won in Norway’s second largest advertising/design-competion: Siås (Studentsamskipnaden i Ås) got a silver in the profile category (no gold was given in this category) and my poster for the short movie “Vakseriet” won silver in the poster category. A webproject I contributed on for TINE, won silver in the interactive category. The website can bee seen here.

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“How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul”

Reading Adrian Sahaughnessy’s book these days, good stuff and comforting to read other designers’ experiences about the returning problem of customers’ fear of doing anything out of the box. A quote: “…the ones that cut through the drizzle of unremarkable one-size-fits-all communications – are ones where the designer’s thumbprint is clearly visible: the ones that contain a rebel-yell of defiance”.

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