7 days of Japan
Some keywords from the trip:
Spacefood. Yummy triangle rice cakes. Looking for Scarlett in Hyatt Hotel. Perfect tempura. Cool toilets. Hair fixation. Neon extravaganza. Noise. Foot massage heaven. New heights of sushi excellence. Cute girls. Drinking with Jim O’Rourke. Sake is dangerous. Great concert with Jojo of Hijokaidan. Weird tv-shows. Really. Calpis is super. Missing Anja. Nature/temple/park retreat. Best bathing experience ever (Onsen). Friendly and polite people. Feeling safe. New Tokyo Porter bag. More camera equipment. Jazkamer and Sten Sandell Trio rocks. Real Wasabi. High speed trains. Gyoza. Asahi. Sayonara!

Japan pictures at Flickr

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Mmmm. Japan… Envious.
Nice pictures!

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