Best food in Oslo
(price taken in consideration)

  1. The chicken (#18) at Saigon Lille Kafé 79,-
  2. The futo-maki / sashimi with ponzo sauce at Sushi House 89,-/110,-
  3. The lunch at Nodee, sushi/sashimi/maki-combi 210,-
  4. The sorbet at Pascal 27,-
  5. The Dim Sum at Taste of China +100,-
  6. The sashimi/champagne at Alex Sushi +1000,-
  7. The pizza at Santino’s 110,-
  8. More to follow…

What about a specific dim sum list, a short recommendation for beginners?

Also, I nominate “anything they serve at Spasibar” for the no. 1 position on your “Worst food in Oslo” list.

Rune added these words on Oct 13 06 at 2:49 pm

Tusen takk for.. food information in Oslo : )
will visit Norway again in this week, so gonna check those stores, I hope!
oh, you also like Sushi!? great! it’s our traditional food, of course!

love your art works, really. knew about you for a long years with your works : )

love from Japan.

akane added these words on Oct 16 06 at 4:13 am