Best of Sushi (Oslo)
After several requests, here comes my subjective list of 3 5 best places to have sushi in Oslo:

1) Nodee
Everything taken into concideration, I hold this to be the best place to get sushi in Oslo. The prices are fine (half of Alex), the service very good and waitors friendly, and the interiours some of the nicest in Oslo. A hidden pearl is their 3-part lunch (sashimi-maki-nigiri) for about 220,-

2) Alex Sushi
The menu offer great variation with super ingredients and composition – and the sashimi comes with an amazing ponzo sauce. Bring at least 1000,- and order the most expensive menu. Tacky 90s-interiour, and the waitors are a bit too posh – but the sushi itself is probably the best you can get in Oslo.

3) Sushi House (“every-day sushi”)
Their sushi house menu at 220,- is more than enough for two hungry people and is probably the cheapest sushi you can get in Oslo, which at the same time is really tasty and the perfect everyday-sushi-deal!

Earlier on the list: Jonoe and Nippon Art.

Bergen: Go to Red Sun for one of the very best sushi experiences you can get in Norway.


What a great list. I’ll be moving there soon and was wondering how the sushi is. I went to Alex one night but it was too busy. I like to make my own sushi at home. Do you know where to buy fresh sushi grade fish in Oslo? Where or what market do these restaurants get their fish? Are there any asian specialty shops that sell the seaweed and wasabi/ginger? Thanks!

Dennis added these words on Apr 10 07 at 3:25 am

Thanks! I usually buy my sushi fish at Centra, which is located at Majorstuen close to Colosseum cinema. As for seaweed/wasabi/gari you can also get that at Centra, but a better deal is Japanska Torget which lies close by. Good luck and welcome to Oslo!

thisway added these words on Apr 14 07 at 10:39 am