One-sentence-review of Joanna Newsom concert at Rockefeller, Oslo
My life’s #1 priority changed from “World domination” to “Have Joanna sit by my bed and sing me to sleep”.

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Hello ! I’m searching for new persons, potential listeners, thinkers who could have an interest for my exploration of philosophical themes explored through various perspectives and simultaneously. I’m also a fan of Joanna Newsom and the three songs available for free from my new album feature harp, every time on a different context.

Don’t see this message like a publicity, but like a friendly invitation. I’m trying to invent my own promotion, sometimes outside of the field of musicians who are now technicians.

See and mostly listen to a little bit of Philosophie Fantasmagorique.

Thank you !

Vincent Bergeron

“In the course of a lifetime, one encounters very few major musical talents. Vincent Bergeron is one of those few, a unique composer who is at the forefront of musical thinking.”

Noah Creshevsky
Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
Director Emeritus, Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College

Vincent Bergeron added these words on Jul 16 07 at 9:34 pm