Signs you’re growing up
New list! This list is probably going to see a lot of additions in the time to come, here is a start:

1. You start reading manuals for products you buy for the first time in your life

2. You manage admit to yourself that early Bruce Springsteen rules

3. Some songs (like “Blue” by Joni Mitchell) can make you seriously sentimental

4. Going out drinking more than once a week just gets tiresome

5. Spending time alone in nature suddenly makes sense

6. You buy your first fishingequipment and boat (seriously!)

7. You rediscover Kate Bush

8. The Quest for The Real Wasabi begins

9. You meet Schopenhauer’s Will, and some days it seems real

10. You’re happy you don’t have to be a teenager again

11. You turn up at work with baby-burp on you shirt

12. You spend more time talking than doing


I don’t know about Joni Mitchell, but the others are spot on.

Keith Peters (an old person) added these words on Jun 03 07 at 1:27 pm

1. checked
2. not yet
3. checked, river
4. checked
5. checked
6. that’s just not happening
7. i’m pretty sure you mean Kate W. Bush?
8. checked
9. rise against it
10. no, I wanna be 16 forever
11. checked
12. checked

does this make me semi old?

Jonni added these words on Jan 03 10 at 11:06 pm